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Now, whispernumber.com on the other hand has an independent, published, academic study of its data proving that it has influence on stock movement (again, i know you like those valid refernces: ),.But I would argue that the basic premise of the investopedia link should still be the outline that says there is one, traditional, definition and now some call something else a whisper number.

A: Whisper numbers are unofficial and unpublished estimates of.My apologies for not starting this informal mediation, but my real life has placed large demands on my time.EarningsWhispers is the only provider of real, professional whisper numbers for professional traders, with important fundamental, technical, and quantitative data and.

Out of the daily users, the average number of mobile-only users was 74M (90%).

What is whisper number? definition and meaning

Furthermore, he would rather not have any reference to one of the sites if it includes any of this information, which is why two years ago he tried to get the whole page removed once an editor started including information other than what met his agenda.The only restrictions are on what companies can tell analysts.This article is within the scope of WikiProject Finance, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of articles related to Finance on Wikipedia.

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Find all compatible accessories for your Chamberlain product.And I will ask again (although you have proven you ignore reasonable questions, do not respond, and only wait for me to make changes before you address issues, thus continuing this endless cycle).Hello FlyGuy649: I just posted this on my talk page to editor Shoy and will repeat here for you as well to hopefully moves things forward in a reasonable manner: The main point is that the changes made as of Nov 2007 are not valid per Wiki policy yet no editor has taken the time to review, or is willing to commit the time to review.

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I believe a whisper number is the expectation that is provided to trading desks from analysts and these spread among the firms top traders and investors.Second, wikipedia is all about open editing as long as the rules are followed.

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Please realize that me and the other editors are working here in good faith.No, you are manipulating the content of an article to prove an invalid point.

So its ok by your standards to add earningswhispers.com in there because.it fits your agenda.Having been personally treated unfairly by the media in past I gave this site a chance.So, if there is going to be a discussion of the whisper number sites, I believe it is inappropriate to claim they both provide real whisper numbers.Please try to discuss your disputes to gain consensus. -- Flyguy649 talk 05:05, 25 January 2008 (UTC).Finance Wikipedia:WikiProject Finance Template:WikiProject Finance Finance articles.And it should be blindingly obvious why the reason that Dunnan gives, for her recommendation to thoroughly check data gathering metholodogies, belongs next to that very recommendation.

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It says nothing about research and opinions analysts and brokers provide their clients (as long as it is not inside information).I believe you understand my points, and I do not believe you are out to get anyone.This number then gets passed among trading desks and professional traders as the whisper number.Flyguy649, I will try to resolve the issues in the talk page.

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Normally academic research studies are written by people trying to get their masters or a Ph D and I assumed this was true in this case as well.

Whisper numbers can mirror or contrast substantially with published.

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What is whisper number? Definition and meaning

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During earnings season - the time when companies publicly report their results from the last quarter - many whisper numbers can be heard floating around Wall Street.

While I will concede that you may be an expert is whisper numbers, I doubt that you are the only expert. -- Syrthiss 03:35, 15 December 2005 (UTC).Third, you criticized every reference I posted, including calling some of them stale or outdated or not even linked to, but you are doing the same, which has me a little confused about what most of your ranting was about other than you simply not wanting a reference to something that speaks favorably of another site or unfavorably of your site.The official site of Real Earnings Expectations, Whisper Numbers, Earnings Estimates, Earnings News, and Individual Investor Market Sentiment.Furthermore, as someone that looks at as much financial data as I can get, I could be sold on your data for this purpose.That aside, I offered to post a new, up to current, relevant article here first for his (and now your) review.

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And over the past eight years have immersed myself in the business and the relevant information pertaining to the subject.

Superior fundamental research that combines with sentiment, quantitative, and technical data for.It is the general consensus of the investing world that a whisper number is an estimate spread among professional traders and is whispered to them from analysts (though many believe the original source is the company itself that whispers the number to an analyst).Since 1998, Earnings Whispers has published 91,564 Earnings Whisper numbers and, 70.9% of the time, the Earnings.But every single addition I made to the page was supported by a very credible reference.Again, i think you are missing the point here, and it all gets away from the topic.It is my experience that most articles have at least some facts wrong and, when you are on the inside, it is alarming how often the entire conclusion of an article is wrong (on side note, it is my opinion this is because they never have to follow up to see how wrong they are. they are just on to the next article).These were discussed on the Whisper Number page several years ago and the updated version simply posts a full reference to the issue.If you can support those guidelines with verifiable sources regarding Whispernumber.com, then it is likely that an article solely about your company would survive community review.