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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.Aside from a healthy conscious, there are countless reasons to go green.Few international business centres can offer tax advantages similar to those available from the Cyprus taxation regime, making Cyprus one of the most attractive onshore tax jurisdictions in the world.Effective today, a wider range of electric and hybrid cars will benefit from a sales tax break in Washington State.Congress is considering more tax breaks and perks to make the purchase of a hybrid gas-electric vehicle more attractive, the Detroit News reported.I have some friends that have bought hybrids to take advantage of the tax credits.Qualifying for the Hybrid Tax Credit - Qualifying for a hybrid tax credit is easier than you might think.If a qualifying vehicle is leased to a consumer, the leasing company may claim the credit.

However, I think this money would be put to best use if an even more environmentally friendly car was developed.

Ford Fusion Hybrid qualifies for maximum tax credit of $3,400

Tax incentives are nice but are we kidding ourselves with being eco-friendly.News flash Priusmaniac, your precious Prius emits particles.

Above is posted in bold that Toyota and Honda hybrids no longer qualify.As for the books you recommended, I plan on reading these and hope that I can become more informed in this field.

Updated frequently — last updated Nov. 8, 2007. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides a credit for taxpayers.This article is an excellent description of really dysfunctional cases, the ones you have to tiptoe around.This would help avoid EV shoppers not being able to claim the full credit when it comes to tax time—a common problem when hybrid shoppers lost some of the value of their credits due to the Alternative Minimum Tax.Not to mention that anything that helps reduce demand benefits the pocketbook as prices rise along with the competition for resources.

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Your Guide to Tax Breaks for Hybrid Car Owners

Lawmakers Ponder More Tax Breaks for Hybrid Vehicle Buyers

The vehicle must be used predominantly within the United States.

Governments need to bring back tax credit incentives for hybrid cars as soon as possible.US Treasury Secretary John Snow, aiming to boost the ailing domestic auto industry and encourage conservation, on Friday.There is currently no limit set for the number of all-electric, or zero emission vehicles, that can receive white HOV access stickers.

Toyota and Lexus hybrids became ineligible in September 2007.The new law for the hybrid tax credit might require taxpayers to recapture their hybrid tax credit if they re-sell their hybrid car or truck.

How Do You Get A Tax Break On A Hybrid Car?

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Gives Fodder for human brain as well as compells you to ponder.May 2011 Dashboard: Supply Pinch Sends Hybrid Sales into Freefall.This may sound surprising, but e-cars predate automobiles with a combustion engine.

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All-electric and plug-in hybrid cars purchased in or after 2010 may.

A Bright Line for Hybrid Tax Breaks?

It is possible to lower that break-even point with tax breaks.It will be a good guide for those who are planning to buy a car and have less ideas on which car is good.I bought a hybrid in 2006 thinking I would get the tax credit.Visit HowStuffWorks to learn if all hybrid cars qualify for tax credits.

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I love my Prius, if you ever get a chance to drive a new one I highly recommend it they are nice cars and are almost sports car like to drive especially with the high end Prius 5 tire and wheel package.


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I just read an interesting article I thought I would share (learn something new everyday): The tax break that gets a lot of attention is for hybrid cars.MrEnergyCzar, I am 16 years old and today I was going on the internet to research for my Electric car project for my Physics class.Outstanding post, you have pointed out some wonderful details, I too conceive this s a very good website.

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I am disappointed that the hybrid car tax credits have been removed and this would have hurt a lot of pockets.Any tax liability left over by these reductions will be the maximum dollar limit of your hybrid tax credit.